The Three R’s

In the last 35 years the amount of waste has almost doubled from 2.7 to 4.4 pounds per day.  Californians send 40 million tons annually to landfills. Right now Americans on average only recycle 30% of their garbage.[1]

Every time you put trash into the waste basket in your office or the kitchen and empty it later into the big waste receptacle you are sending it straight to the landfill.  Label your trash container, “Landfill” as a constant reminder to reduce your waste.

Reduce your impact of waste by cutting done before buying food and other packaged goods.  Think how you can avoid extra packaging and how much you will be throwing away.  Consider buying a one gallon bottle of juice verses 8 individual servings of juice or better yet consider frozen juice.  You add the water to the juice and will have less packaging & waste by using your own container.

Reuse that juice container or cottage container for your own ‘lunchables’.  Cut down on paper napkins by using cloth napkins at dinner time and cloth kitchen towels that you can reuse over and over again instead of paper towels.  Clothes are the easiest to recycle, either at a consignment shop where you can trade clothes and earn money.  Donate clothes to thrift shops and your neighborhood Goodwill®.

Recycle all of your newspaper & magazines, soda cans, aluminum products such as pie tins and foil, glass and if you must use plastic bottles from juice or soda, please remove the caps they are a different plastic than the bottle.  (Reminder, plastic is made from one of the most important energy resources, oil.)  Take your cans and bottles to recycle centers and earn extra money to start an herb or vegetable garden. Start a community project, recycle and donate the proceeds to the ‘Food Bank’ in your town.

Small simple steps to save our Earth will make a big difference to our future; join me by working the three R’s daily.


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[1] Simple Energy Things You Can Do To Save The Earth, by Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Page 67