Tax Reassessment

Tuesday evening I arrived home exhausted (my excuse) and just wanted dinner and a glass of wine to sip on.  As my wonderful husband prepared veggie stir-fry & jumbo shrimp, I skimmed through the mail tossing out my father-in-law’s ‘request for money’ junk mail.

My husband pays our household bills so I made stacks of mail for each one of us and came across an official looking letter from what I believed to be the County Assessor’s office. The letter was a notice stating our property tax bill was going to be reduced by $1,964.  Yahoo!

I placed the letter in my husband’s stack of mail all the time singing the ‘Happy Song’ in my head.

Last night my husband told me he called the Assessor’s office after reading the letter.  The ‘Tribune’ also had an article on the front page of Wednesday’s paper.  I am always a day late reading the local paper.  

In reviewing this official looking letter from the Property Tax Reassessment Company based in Los Angeles that included our information, property tax ID number and tax bill, it’s understandable how people would consider paying $179.00 to this company before the February 26, 2009 deadline.

Taxes can be confusing & frustrating to some and everyone wants to pay less.  I just wonder how many people in San Luis Obispo County population 260,000+ bought into this scam.

If only two percent of the population paid $179.00 to this legal & unethical scam company they would profit by $930,800 multiple that times all the counties in Central & Southern California.

In San Luis Obispo County, we are very lucky there are no long lines at the Assessor’s office and it’s easy to go to ask questions or pick up the phone with an inquiry.

Tom Bordonaro and his staff are in the middle of reassessing property taxes for homes bought in 2003 or after.  Property owners will be receiving an updated bill by summer and if you disagree with your tax bill call or stop in the assessor’s office.  Tom and his staff will review your property bill for FREE.

“If this is your kind of town…let me show you the neighborhood.”®   Live the ‘slo life’ in San Luis Obispo County.  Shirley Hulin is a full-time REALTOR® and manager for Century 21 Hometown Realty she works with a team of professionals who are ready to help you with all of your Real Estate needs in San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties.  Contact Shirley at







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