Home Maintenance: Pests & Termites

The Happy Termite Family

The Happy Termite Family

Many times we only think of getting a Pest Inspection when we are selling or buying a home.  Just as we paint the exterior and trim every 5-7 years we should also be having regular inspections by a State licensed Pest Inspector on our homes.


Standing water and stacked firewood can be lead to potential problems as well as mulch, scrap lumber, decks, fence posts/gates, lattice or a trellis.  Decking and fencing needs to be at least 4 inches from the ground or the wood can harbor termites.  They, the termites will begin an extended family and they will forage inside through mortar joints or cracks in a concrete foundation.  Place a barrier (metal) between wood & your home and rake debris away from the house and foundation.


Keeping your home free of pests & termites will provide you with a safe home and with minimum repair costs at the time of sale.


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