Seeds or seedless…

Seed or seedless…


How do you like your watermelon, grapes or tangerines with or without seeds?  I like seedless watermelon but for some reason the little white seeds ‘bug’ me, the sticker says ‘seedless’ but yet the white seeds remain.  I think I prefer the black seeds in my watermelon because they are easier to remove but no ‘thank you’ to seeds in my grapes, if I want to spit I’ll by sunflower seeds. 


Think citrus, an occasional seed or two or three is that a big deal?  Apparently it is the citrus growers in Fresno are fighting the beekeepers because the bees are pollinating the self-pollinating tangerines causing seeds in the fruit.  Farmers are threatening legal action if damage to their crops (seeds) develops. 


Bee colonies are down partly because they need access to natural food and citrus is part of that.  Think about this the next time you purchase organic or commercial orange blossom honey.  Do I want seeds in my tangerine?


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