slo Board Retreat

The Mission Statement for the San Luis Obispo Association of REALTORS® is to enhance our members’ ability to conduct business, to promote the Code of Ethics and to protect private property rights.

What does that mean to REALTOR® members and the public? 

Attending my first Board retreat, this past Thursday I was about to find out. 

Each Board in San Luis Obispo County including San Luis Obispo has educational opportunities for their members to help promote & enhance their ability to conduct business.  We learn about the ever-changing market, new real estate laws, the rules regarding our Multiple Listing Service and reminders to always be professional.  Many times there are 3 hour real estate classes where we receive our continuing ed. credits most often we are given bits of information at our weekly meetings.  Once a month the Association has a “Broker Chat” where brokers and managers met to learn the newest information from C.A.R. and what is happening within the association. 

The Code of Ethics is to the REALTOR® what the Hippocratic Oath is to your doctor. The Code of Ethics includes Standards of (Business) Practice which includes Clients, the Public and REALTORS®.  Article I, begins with Duties to our Clients and Customers, representation and promoting the interest of their client and most importantly the obligation to treat all parties honestly.

An example of REALTORS® helping to protect private property rights is the membership participation in our Political Action Fund where we lobby for real estate rights.  To me Proposition 99, eminent domain was a major victory for all property owners. Under the new law, state and local government agencies cannot take owner-occupied residences by eminent domain to transfer to a private person (e.g., for a development project) except for certain very limited exceptions.

By participating in my association I become a better REALTOR® who better serves my clients and the agents I work with.

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