Saving Data

Is your computer running slow?  Taking a little longer to start and upload info?  Can you take a nap or read a short story before you can check your e-mails?  If you answer yes to any of these questions, I have advice.


My computer has been running slow for several months, clue #1.  Then I received an e-mail virus the deadly ‘Trojan’.  Called Norton and all was again protected & saved.


I was in the habit of backing up my computer on a portable external hard drive. The tech helping me told me that my external hard-drive was not a ‘true’ back-up system.  As a safety precaution, I sync all my data but did not continue to do it on a regular basis. 


My plan was to go to Best Buy and purchase a back-up system then the holidays rolled in and time flew off the calendar.


Normally I live on my computer, it’s my connection to the world, my journal, my date book all despite the fact that I have a ‘BlackBerry’ that I use only as a phone.


Yesterday, I came home for lunch turned on my slow computer, made a few calls while making sandwiches for my father-in-law and myself, checked my e-mails, started preparing ingredients for homemade lentil soup, began talking to my Broker when in the middle of our conversation my computer went into the “blue screen’ mode stating it was dumping data.  I found out later the dumping of data is a scare tactic but didn’t realize that at the time. 


All this time I remained calm thinking my poor little computer was tired & hot.  I went back to work and tried three times to patiently start my four year-old computer (I know, I know but I love my computer) the last time it open I received the ‘black screen’ death.


My computer is now at Best Buy where they are trying to retrieve my data. Bad news I did not save or sync my data for the past two months, good news my data was backed up on the external disk drive so I have all My Documents and My Pictures from the past 4 years minus Nov, Dec & Jan. Had the seed not been planted that my external hard drive was not a back up system I would have been more diligent and continue to sync on a regular basis.


My advice to you, buy a portable hard drive and sync daily.  They are priced under $100.00 and will save you heartache.  And if your computer is slow today run to the store immediately and back-up, back-up, back-up!

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